Swedish Lapland and Lulea

What To Do


Challenge yourself with an unforgettable Northern Scandinavian experience. Take a fatbike tour on the island and ride on top of the sand and through the forest as your guide takes you on a tour to some secret areas riding the trails and beaches. The fatbikes are easy to pedal and uniquely suited to the environment in northern Sweden year-round. Sand, rocks, and small obstacles are simply ridden over and we experience the Luleå’s islands forest ecosystem in the summer. Naturally we stop for picture breaks and water often before riding back. Truly a ride not tobe missed.


Whether you are a lifelong yogi or just want to relax – reward yourself with an intimate island yoga and wellness package! Picture yourself on a small beach practicing flowing yoga followed by a sauna as you hear the waves gently rolling in and the distant sound of birds and other wildlife! You will begin your journey with a healthy private lunch followed by a leisurely walk on the beach and in the forest as you get to know your yoga guide before beginning an hour long yoga class on the beach. After class relax in a sauna with the group with a complimentary spa kit. The perfect antidote to a busy urban life.

Hiking & Exploring

Are you a committed hiker, geocacher, walker or just want to stretch your legs a little? The Nest and surrounding islands have trails just waiting to be explored on foot. Looking to find a little deserted beach or walk through old growth forest? The island has more than enough to enchant you for a hiking tour that begins at The Nest and winds through the island as we discover the little places that make the place unique. The islands will surprise you with there beauty and nature. In the fall, wild strawberries, mushrooms and raspberries can be eaten as well as many opportunities for watching wildlife. Your guide will make stops for pictures and answer questions as the tour continues before finishing back at The Nestin time for your next adventure!

Sea Kayaking

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the Bothnian Bay than by kayak! Take a relaxing paddle in the shallow protected bays and coastline around the larger islands in the 1300 island archipelago from the sea side. Your guide will fit you to your kayak before we set out on a memorable trip from our launch point to secluded locations your guide has selected depending on wind direction and weather conditions that day. No two tours are the same as we often see seals, seagulls, sea eagles and the occasional moose as we paddle to a point where we take a break on land for some pictures and a stretch before continuing to finish happy and ready for the next adventure.

Suspended In The Trees

Peace and Tranquility…

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Worldwide Tentsile Experience

Tentsile ExperienceTentsile Tree Tents were conceived as treehouses that you can take anywhere. Our Tree Tents offer an incredible new way for you and your friends to experience a whole new level of freedom and comfort.

Separated from wet, lumpy, bumpy, uneven ground and with increased protection from snakes, bugs and other creepies, our range offers the opportunity to camp in places no one has ever camped before.

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